Switch Has Outsold The Wii, Making It Nintendo’s Best-Selling Home Console Ever

Switch Has Outsold The Wii, Making It Nintendo’s Best-Selling Home Console Ever

With over 103 million sales since 2017, the Switch continues to be one of Nintendo’s best-performing consoles of all time.


Nintendo Switch is officially the fastest selling home console in United State history! It even surpassed the Wii! Today we discuss this remarkable achievement, as well as some new attach rates for the biggest games. Let us know YOUR take in the comments down below!!

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Nintendo Ends Wii U & Releases Sales Numbers of EVERYTHING EVER MADE

Nintendo has officially killed the Wii U production and soon retailers will not sell them anymore in preparation for the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch. The best selling console that Nintendo has ever made was the DS but how does the 3DS or the Wii stack up next to it? We all know the Wii U didn’t do that well, but just how badly did it suck? The numbers will give you all the answers.

Nintendo Total Sales : https://goo.gl/X5FCV2

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How Nintendo Switch Became The Top-Selling Console In America

Over the last 40 years, Nintendo has provided countless hours of video gaming entertainment. But with the rise of the Switch, the company took a huge step forward. And during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, finding one was harder than finding toilet paper. Here’s how the Nintendo Switch took the gaming world by surprise and became one of the most popular consoles on the market.

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How Nintendo Switch Became The Top-Selling Console In America

The Nintendo Switch has now outsold the Wii

For a long time it seemed that no modern console would match the success of the Nintendo Wii, especially after Nintendo itself failed to recapture that lightning in a bottle with the Wii U. But then along came the Switch, the hybrid home console handheld, which, thanks to a Nintendo Earnings Results call, we know has now outsold the Wii.

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