Pokemon Picross Cheats For 3DS

Pokemon Picross Cheats For 3DS

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This 2022 3DS Jailbreak Guide Is EASIER Than Ever!

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▶️ https://github.com/d0k3/SafeB9SInstaller/releases/tag/v0.0.7

▶️ https://github.com/SciresM/boot9strap/releases/tag/1.3

▶️ https://github.com/LumaTeam/Luma3DS/releases/tag/v10.2.1

▶️ https://github.com/TuxSH/universal-otherapp/releases/tag/v1.3.0

▶️ https://3ds.nhnarwhal.com/3dstools/pichaxx.php

▶️ https://github.com/astronautlevel2/Anemone3DS/releases/latest

▶️ https://github.com/FlagBrew/Checkpoint/releases/latest

Universal Updater
▶️ https://github.com/Universal-Team/Universal-Updater/releases/latest

Homebrew Launcher Wrapper
▶️ https://github.com/mariohackandglitch/homebrew_launcher_dummy/releases/latest

▶️ https://github.com/d0k3/GodMode9/releases/latest

▶️ https://github.com/Steveice10/FBI/releases/latest

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0:00 How To Jailbreak 3DS 11.15
0:57 Mii & Bot Making Friends
4:27 Pokemon Picross – It’s Free!
5:45 The Right Files In The Right Places
17:07 Rosalina Greater Than Peach
19:54 You’re Now A Special Agent
21:05 GodMode9 & Finalizing Setup

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Tutorial Pokemon Picross Unlimited Pictries – Picroliti Illimitati

This is a rapid method to farm lots of pictries; according to many people it’s really bad to wait for long time to continue the adventure in this game. This is a bug in the game, i suggest you not to upgrade the firmware in a near future or nintendo may fix this bug.
You can continue untill you want using it (you have only a restricted time to come back without problems…about 9 minutes).
Special thanks to my friend Sofa who helped me to perfect this method of disgreasing this game.

Questo è un metodo rapido per farmare moltissimi picroliti; secondo molte persone è veramente brutto aspettare lunghi periodi per poter continuare l’avventura in questo gioco. Questo è un bug nel gioco, consiglio di non aggiornare il firmware in un vicino futuro o la nintendo potrebbe fixare questo bug.
Potete continuare fino a che volete ad usarlo (avete solo un tempo limitato per tornare indietro senza problemi… circa 9 minuti).
Speciali ringraziamenti al mio amico DIvanetto per l’aiuto a migliorare questo metodo di sgrassamento del gioco.

Pokemon Picross #10 – Unlimited Picrate Grinding Exploit, Goodbye Microtransactions!

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In this MUST-WATCH episode, we take a look at the possibility of infinite ‘daily’ Picrate farming, by tampering with the DS clock, as Picross doesn’t make use of a server clock like Rumble World or Pokémon Shuffle.

Yes! Daily Picrate farming can now be known as infinite Picrate farming!

Special thanks to barb1 and avengah for coming up with this, great help to the freenium Picross Community!

Main Thread: https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAAAtVHhpEuzcZg
Miiverse barb1: https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/barpoe
Miiverse avengah: https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/avengah
avengah’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqFYWoTSvN93Z2yWIY94t6w

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Pokemon Picross Cheat Sheet