Hot Shots Golf Fore! Cheats For PlayStation 2

Hot Shots Golf Fore! Cheats For PlayStation 2

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Hot Shots Golf Fore mystery: What is Bertha Saying

I have puzzled for over a decade at what caddy Bertha says as seen in this clip from Hot Shots Golf Fore on the PS2.

Help me figure it out!

I think it took a few hundred repeat listens until it suddenly dawned on me: “Why they put sand in golf?”

I’ll leave this up here for future generations.

Hot Shots Golf Fore! All Characters [PS2]

Hot Shots Golf Fore! (みんなのGOLF4 / Everybody’s Golf 4) All Characters/Character select [PlayStation 2/PS2]

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Name: Hot Shots Golf Fore! (みんなのGOLF4)
Developer: Clap Hanz
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platforms: PlayStation 2
Release Date: November 27, 2003

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Is Hot Shots Golf: Fore! Playable? RetroArch Performance [PS2 | PCSX2]

Welcome back to Is It Playable? In this video we’ll be looking to see just how playable Hot Shots Golf: Fore! is with the 1.10.0 build of RetroArch on Xbox Series X.

Compatibility Sheet:

Core Options:
Speed Hacks Preset = Balanced
GPU Palette Conversion = On
Fast Texture Invalidation = On

What is Is It Playable?

Is It Playable is a channel focused on testing the playability of certain systems on a game by game basis, judging the performance on a variety of factors such as whether the game suffers from any texture or lighting issues, audio stuttering or crackling and just general stutters. At the end of the 5-25 minute test the game is judged on those listed factors to give the game one of 3 ratings: Playable, Playable With Issues or Not Playable.

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Hot Shots Golf Fore — Gameplay (PS2)

Hot Shots Golf Fore gameplay on PlayStation 2.

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