Halo Infinite Free Dynamic Background Now Available On Xbox, Here’s How To Get It

Halo Infinite Free Dynamic Background Now Available On Xbox, Here’s How To Get It

Microsoft’s first-ever game-based dynamic theme is out now, and it’s free and easy to unlock.

How to Find Dynamic Backgrounds on Xbox Series X | S (w/ Examples of Each)

In this video, I’ll show where to find the Dynamic Background on the Xbox Series’ consoles and show examples of each background.

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0:00 Introduction
0:45 How to Find Dynamic Backgrounds on Your Xbox
2:33 Examples of each Dynamic Background

*While I have seen some of the themes/backgrounds available on the Theme My Xbox app, I wouldn’t recommend using that right now.


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How to get a custom background on your Xbox one/ Series X/S (2021) read description

The steps have changed I will post a new video when I find a new way.

The steps could change over time. If they do change I’ll make a new video explaining the new steps.

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Forgot to say in the video that you need the wallpaper to be 1920 x 1080 anything lower then that gets cut off.
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How To Get The New Halo Infinite Dynamic Background On Xbox Series X|S

How To Get The New Halo Infinite Dynamic Background On Xbox Series X|S


If you have an Xbox Series S, DON’T DO THIS!!

Easy tips and tricks to boost speed & get better performance increase from your Xbox Series S console! In this video I will share some cool Xbox Series S features, such as Xbox Series S Emulation, along with things you should avoid doing as an Xbox owner!!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:11 – Developer Mode
00:40 – Xbox Series S Emulation
01:04 – Customising the Home Page
01:38 – Dynamic Wallpapers
01:55 – Xbox Alexa Integration
02:25 – Xbox Series S Storage Explained
03:14 – Quick Resume and Console Speeds
03:40 – Xbox Series S Hidden Features

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