Biggest Announcements From Nintendo Direct For September 2021

Biggest Announcements From Nintendo Direct For September 2021

Bayonetta 3 headlined a Nintendo Direct packed full of announcements.

Nintendo Switch Online Update | Nintendo Direct September 2021

A new membership plan is being added to Nintendo Switch Online. This new membership will include an N64 collection, similar to what we saw with the NES & SNES. Additionally, a Sega Genesis collection will be added as well. Wireless N64 and Sega Genesis controllers will also be available for purchase. The new membership plan lanches later October 2021, and but no pricing has been announced.

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Potential Nintendo Direct Announcements This September

With a big general September 2022 Nintendo Direct both due and rumored, what major first party announcements could we see during this direct? Here are a number of possible projects Nintendo may have in development that could be announced or revealed soon!

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Nintendo Direct | September 2021 LIVE REACTIONS

Nintendo Direct September 2021. The Nintendo Switch news for the Fall and Winter is finally happening, with the new Nintendo Direct live!

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My Top 5 Nintendo Direct Announcements (September 2021)

On September 23rd, 2021, Nintendo hosted a ground-breaking Nintendo Direct event packed full of new trailers, surprise announcements, and so much more! Today, I’ll break down my top 5 announcements made at this most recent Nintendo Direct event.


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