Baseball Stars (1989) Cheats For NES

Baseball Stars (1989) Cheats For NES

Get all the inside info, cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Baseball Stars (1989) on GameSpot.

NES Longplay [304] Baseball

Played by JagOfTroy

Original blackbox game for the NES.
Players have no stats, unable to control your fielders other than throwing the ball to what baseman.
Overall, it is satisfactory at least when you have a second player. –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

DBPG: Top 10 NES Baseball Games

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Baseball Stars 2: Why SNK is No Better Than EA

NES Library Complete Playthrough Playlist (A to Z):

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Playin’ Baseball Stars (1989) #1 | A WAY better game

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