Armored Core 2 Cheats For PlayStation 2

Armored Core 2 Cheats For PlayStation 2

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Armored Core 2 100% Speedrun 2:57:26

Sorry for the random cutouts between loading screens, my capture card was never meant to stream.

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Armored Core 2 Part #1: Tanking Already

Is it so much to ask for a full Options screen before we start?

Today we begin a new LP and a new series! We’re finally starting with Armored Core 2, which my original entry point into the franchise. I was also one of the first games I bought for my PS2, which now has more games in my collection than any other console.

Anyways, we get the tutorial mission out of the way and gripe the whole way through. The main reason? Tank controls.

[PREVIEW] PS2 – Armored Core 2 (HD, 60FPS)

This is first 10 minutes of Armored Core 2 for Playstation 2.

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Armored Core 2 is a 2000 third-person shooter mecha video game developed by FromSoftware for the PlayStation 2. It is the fourth entry in the Armored Core series and an indirect sequel to Armored Core: Master of Arena. In North America, Armored Core 2 was a launch title for the PlayStation 2. A direct sequel, Armored Core 2: Another Age, was released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2.

The story takes place almost 70 years after Master of Arena. Following the colonization of Mars, a powerful organization called the Frighteners overthrows the government at the behest of their leader, the enigmatic Leos Klein. The player is a mercenary who is tasked with dismantling the Frighteners and defeating Klein.

Armored Core 2’s gameplay is largely similar to that of its predecessors. Players take control of powerful machines called Armored Cores and engage in dangerous missions or fight in the Arena against other pilots. Like earlier games, Armored Core 2 features a local multiplayer mode that includes a console linking feature and allows two players to fight each other with their own custom Armored Core. (Source: Wikipedia)

Armored Core 2
Developer: FromSoftware
Publisher: JP: FromSoftware
NA: Agetec
EU: Ubisoft
Platform: Playstation 2, PS2
Release: JP: August 3, 2000
NA: October 26, 2000
EU: March 23, 2001

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Armored Core 2 Part 1 – HOW TO CHEAT

Come experience the incredible cheating adventures of TedDanson in Armored Core 2! — Watch live at