Spotlight on Nellen Dryden’s Alt-Country Album ‘Little Stray Heart’

Nellen Dryden has released a passionate debut album called Little Stray Heart. This is alt-country, similar in style to Niko Case, maybe with a little Brandi Carlile tossed in. The album is a nice mix of tempos and moods. We have some upbeat, country songs that feel like a throwback to early days, some that veer a little more into Americana, and some beautiful, soft heartbreakers.

Nellen lives in Nashville, but her vibe feels like she’s comfortable on the porch of a cabin up in the Appalachian Mountains. The music feels pure and honest, as if it’s a part of those country mountains and Nellen is sharing the story.

  1. Little Stray Heart Almeron
  2. Around
  3. Alpaca Room
  4. Heart Moves
  5. Part of You
  6. Shepherd
  7. Little Stray Heart
  8. Me and My Buffalo Bill
  9. Back You Go







This one is Part of You:


And this is the title song, Little Stray Heart:


Nellen Dryden

Nellen Dryden

Nellen Dryden
Jules Belmont

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If you like what you hear, please considering connecting with Nellen and supporting her music.


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