Soulful New EP – TAMECA JONES – ‘Naked’

Soul queen Tameca Jones released her EP ‘Naked’ on September 23. Tameca’s voice soars, rivaling contemporary R&B singers such as Rihanna and Ariana Grande. While her voice has that soulful sound, her music draws from a variety of styles. Hot and Bothered gives us a rocking edge, Let Me Be has a playful, pop feel, and Sandman has a bluesy vibe. Head Over Heels feels, to me, like straight up R&B. And then there’s Tameca’s cover of Bennie and the Jets, which is old school rock slowed a bit and made into an indie rock tune.



1. Hot and Bothered
2. Let Me Be
3. Sandman
4. Head Over Heels
5. Bennie and the Jets

This is Sandman:


Tameca Jones is an independent artist from Texas, where she is rightfully known as the “Queen of Austin Soul”.

Tameca Jones

Tameca Jones


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