Soulful Debut EP by Laini and the Wildfire

I was fortunate to receive pre-release access to Laini and the Wildfire’s self-titled debut EP, due for release on May 7. That was a very cool surprise, particularly when I realized how talented this band is. I became an immediate fan.

Laini has a powerful voice, going to soaring heights and down to raspy lows. Her tone and the music surrounding her is melodic and soulful. The result is bluesy, funky, soul-infused pop. These songs could easily all be radio hits, yet they stand apart from the gelatinous goop of most mainstream music. From the opening, piano-driven, funky Higher to the closing heartbreak of Reckless, Laini and the Wildfire make a strong impression.

Here’s a look at the EP:

  1. Laini EPHigher
  2. Rhapsody
  3. Newport
  4. To Have A Home
  5. Reckless









Here is the video for Higher, the single from this EP, released earlier this year.


This one is Reckless, which I think is my favorite off the EP. (I say “think”, because my favorite things sometimes change with my mood.)

Meet the Band:

Laini and the Wildfire

Laini Marenick – Vocals and Keys
Mark Marenick – Bass
Joe Rocco – Guitar
Rob Siraco – Drums

Connect and Stream:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Soundcloud / Spotify / Amazon / iTunes

As always, if you like what you hear, consider supporting the band with a purchase.

Thanks for listening!


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