Preview of ‘100’, Debut Album by THE HUNNA – British Indie Rock

The Hunna, a British indie rock band, have released three killer tracks off their upcoming debut album 100. While still, perhaps, a fledgling group, in no way do they sound like a band just getting its footing. They play high energy indie rock with addictive hooks and choruses made to be sung by the masses. Their lyrics are compelling, with depth, and sung with passion. These guys are ready to take over the airwaves.

The Hunna is the first UK band signed to 300 Entertainment, an independent American record label. Here’s a look at the album, 100, set for release on August 26:

  1. 100Bonfire [Explicit]
  2. We Could Be [Explicit]
  3. She’s Casual
  4. You & Me
  5. Alive
  6. Piece by Piece
  7. Never Enough
  8. Waiting [Explicit]
  9. Brother
  10. World Is Ours
  11. Sycamore Tree
  12. Still Got Blood
  13. Bad For You
  14. Coming Home
  15. Be Young
  16. Rock My Way


This track is Still Got Blood:


Here’s You & Me. Go ahead and try not to bounce around in your chair with this one.


And this one is We Could Be, the band’s message of defiance, flipping the middle finger to the mainstream music industry.


Meet the Band:

The Hunna

The Hunna

IK 💣

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

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The album is available for pre-order, or you can purchase any one of the singles. If you like what you hear, please consider supporting the band. Connect and let these guys know you love their music. 🎶


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  1. Preliminary work on the band’s fifth album was ongoing as of last fall, though the group’s leisurely pace may mean that 2017 is a more realistic target date. Meanwhile, Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gara will release his solo debut,

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