New Blues Single! ‘Low-Down People’ by Cheese Finger Brown

The roots of southern blues are alive and well, coming to us all the way from Finland, via Humu Records and a masterful musician calling himself Cheese Finger Brown. I have long been a bit of a blues fanatic. I have immense respect for those early blues guitarists, and I’m fascinated by the sounds they created. Cheese Finger Brown takes us all the way back to greats such as Mississippi John Hurt and, the slightly later, John Lee Hooker.

On, September 16, Cheese Finger Brown’s album Low-Down People will be released. The album is “a compilation of living and breathing country, boogie and blues tunes, written and recorded over the last few years.” Here’s a look:

  1. LDPLow-Down People
  2. Old Fashioned Murder Boogie
  3. Nashville Funk
  4. Who Are You To Judge
  5. Old Hashbrown
  6. Dr. Jesus
  7. You Know It, You Bought It
  8. Come On Jack
  9. Country Shake Down
  10. Who That
  11. Grey Eagle
  12. Bend Over Mama
  13. The Big Cheese
  14. Days Of The Cruel And The Greedy
  15. Lullaby Before I Go





The title song has been released as the first single. This is a very cool blend of old-time southern blues, fuzzy guitar made popular with 60s psychedelic music, and Cheese Finger Brown’s own special touch.


Cheese Finger Brown is otherwise known as Pim Zwijnenburg. He is a Dutch blues musician living in Finland.

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If you like what you hear, please consider connecting with Cheese Finger Brown and supporting his music.


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