New Blues Album – JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR – ‘Wild’

Turn on the blues and I’m lost until the music stops. Something about the blues moves me in a way no other music can. From Robert Johnson’s acoustic beginnings all the way to modern blues greats such as Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd, this, for me, is the most expressive, emotional, visceral style of music. This music genre is dominated by males, so I’m always intrigued when I stumble upon a female who can play the blues as well, if not better, than her peers. I’m even more captivated when that female also moves me with her voice.

Joanne Shaw Taylor is one of these rare musicians. Her soulful voice embodies the blues narrative. The way she bleeds emotions through her guitar strings is masterful. Add her knack for engaging, heartfelt songwriting, and you have a musical force demanding – and deserving – attention.

On September 30, Joanne’s new album Wild released out onto the airwaves. This album is fantastic from start to finish. Each song is an emotional journey, with that blues guitar holding me spellbound throughout.



1. Dyin’ To Know
2. Ready To Roll
3. Get You Back
4. No Reason To Stay
5. Wild Is The Wind
6. Wanna Be My Lover
7. I’m In Chains
8. I Wish I Could Wish You Back
9. My Heart’s Got A Mind Of It’s Own
10. Nothin’ To Lose
11. Summertime

I was able to find only this one track to share from the new album. So listen to this one, then go stream the rest. Or, better yet, buy the album! Here is Dyin’ to Know:


Joanne Shaw Taylor is from Birmingham, England.

Joanne Shaw Taylor

Joanne Shaw Taylor


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