New Album Spotlight: BONNIE WHITMORE – ‘F*ck with Sad Girls’

Bonnie Whitmore is a singer-songwriter with the power to provoke all sorts of emotions with her honest lyrics and delivery. On October 28, she’s releasing her album F*ck with Sad Girls. This is a collection of songs about life from a woman’s perspective, delivered with power and unapologetic defiance.



*Photo by Cathy Sisk and Curtis Wayne Millard. Calligraphy by Vanessa Jean Speckman.*

1. Wash It Away
2. She’s A Hurricane
3. Fighter
4. Hey Babe
5. Make A Livin’
6. Fuck With Sad Girls
7. Cinderella
8. Used To Call Me Baby
9. Stoner
10. Ain’t Waitin’ On Tomorrow
11. Wash It Away (reprise)

The eleven songs on this album share an edgy Americana vibe, with an occasional splash of rock, blues, or a heavier lean into country. Throughout, Bonnie Whitmore’s voice is a driving force impossible to ignore.

This one is Fighter:


And here is She’s A Hurricane:


Bonnie Whitmore is from Denton, Texas.

Bonnie Whitmore


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