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Ivory Tower Project is an independent band making no frills rock, reminding us that the focus should always be on the music. You won’t find a frontman in the limelight, and you certainly won’t see 500 dancers on the stage to distract us from the fact that the music and the vocals are all run through a computer. Really, sometimes I think computers could be up there singing to us and it would be the same thing. But this is not the time for my rant on the sterility of pop music.

Ivory Tower Project’s style is a throwback to the expansive sound of bands like Styx and Kansas. Singer-songwriter Mark Regula’s vocal tone actually reminds me of Dennis DeYoung of Styx. The band recently released their album How Much More?, which is textured rock without the formulaic hooks. This is the kind of layered music meant for listening. And Tony Novarro gives us some killer guitar riffs.



1. How Much More? (Alternate Version)
2. The Ides of March (Et Tu Brute?) [Alternate Version]
3. Gotcha’ (Club Mix) [Alternate Version]
4. Ring Around Rosie (Alternate Version)
5. Way Too Late (Full Length Remix)
6. Always (Alternate Version)
7. When Friends Become Lovers
8. Please Tell Me (Alternate Version)
9. Woman of the Times (Alternate Version)
10. Burning (Full Length Remix)
11. Surf Song
12. You Can See It in My Eyes (Remix)
13. Le Dare Un Anillo A Rosi
14. My Name (DJ Distortion Remix) [feat. DJ Distortion]

Here is a sample clip of The Ides of March:


This band has been through some exceptionally challenging times. They have lost three friends and contributors to this album: Johnny Jace, Ivan Elias, and Sal Di Angelo. In 2009, singer Mark Regula was in a serious car accident that has left him barely able to walk and, consequently, battling severe chronic pain. Despite all this, Mark Regula and Tony Novarro bring us music that soars.


Group Members

Mark Regula: Vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitars, percussion, bass, drums.
Tony Novarro: Guitars, back vocals, bass, percussion, drums, engineer.
Former Lyricist: Johnny Jace

Studio Musicians

Ivan Elias: Bass (formerly with Patty Smyth & Scandal)
Richie Cannata: Sax (formerly with Billy Joel)
Tex Prothro: Saxophone, flute
Mike Carbone: Drums, percussion
Joey Bruno: Electronic Drums, percussion
Frank Vella: Back vocals
Tyrone Johnson: Bass


Connect, Stream, Purchase

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If you like what you hear, please consider connecting with the band and supporting their music.


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