Exceptional New Album! ‘Afternoons With Miss Jones’ by Zach Caruso

Zach Caruso is releasing a new EP on May 31. It’s called Afternoons With Miss Jones, and you should just go buy it now. Really. If you prefer to hang around while I prove my reasoning, then be prepared to crank the volume. Here’s a look at the album:

  1. AWMJ The House Jack Built
  2. Afternoons With Miss Jones
  3. If Only, Anna
  4. Hang Fire
  5. Church








This is not Zach’s first album. He has other music out there but, like so many great musicians, his sounds had floated on without my attention before this. Someone kindly dropped the info for his new EP into our suggestion box, I clicked ‘play’, and I fell in love. With the music, not with Zach. That other kind of weird fan girl thing would be uncomfortable for both of us.

Let’s start with his voice. Zach is a natural storyteller, giving us just the right amount of emotion to suck us in and make us believe the words he sings. His tone is like a color palette, capable of soulful melancholy and roaring, bluesy growls. Then there’s his guitar playing, which tells a story all on its own. Whether soft and expressive or powerful and intense, that guitar joins his vocals in driving the emotion of the song.

Church is the closing song, and for me it’s the most lyrically and musically compelling. While it’s playing, all I can do is close my eyes and go inside the song.

The House Jack Built is the opening song, and, damn, there could be no better opener for me. That rocking blues vibe, that little growl in his voice, the soaring cry – I am right there with him from the start.

After listening a half-dozen times, all I can say is, Why isn’t Zach Caruso famous yet?

Zach Caruso Band

Zach Caruso Band

Zach Caruso – Guitar/Vocals
Jason Reed – Bass
Dru Hubbard – Drums
Poncho Romero – Trumpet
Allan Kaplan – Trombone
Mack Goldsbury – Horn Arrangements/Tenor Saxophone
Gary Caruso – Congas

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Zach Caruso

Zach Caruso

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