Dynamic Debut Album – TOR MILLER – ‘American English’

September 30 brought us Tor Miller’s debut album, American English, released on the independent label Glassnote Records. As I listen, I hear a multitude of styles and nuances, including indie alternative, R&B, soul, indie pop, and singer-songwriter. Perhaps, most of all, Tor Miller is a storyteller. His voice is smooth, with an edge of rawness that adds emotion and honesty. His voice and his songs have range and depth, cycling us through emotions with the ease of a master.



1. Surrender
2. Midnight
3. Always
4. Carter & Cash
5. Washington Square Park
6. Headlights
7. Chelsea
8. Crust Punk Queen
9. Rag N Bone
10. All Fall Down
11. Baby Blue
12. The Dirt
13. Stampede

This is Surrender, with its soulful, expansive, almost defiant feel:

One less night with you
One less avenue
One less moment to remember…


Midnight takes us to a softer, more contemplative place:

Calling out for something true…


Tor Miller is originally from Brooklyn, New York. He signed with the independent label Glassnote Records in 2014.

Tor Miller - Photo Credit: Erica Snyder Photography

Tor Miller – Photo Credit: Erica Snyder Photography


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