Captivating New EP – Songs of Travel for the Vagabond – Joseph Alton Miller

I can’t tell you what the magic ingredients are that, when combined, create the kind of music that fully captures me, makes my skin tingle, holds me still, entrances me. But I can tell you that Joseph Alton Miller has all of those ingredients. He’s a singer-songwriter with a rich vocal tone that is made for storytelling. His music has a contemporary folk vibe, with splashes of alternative. The masterfully played acoustic guitar and harmonica turn these songs into living, breathing entities wrapping sounds around me. His lyrics and the music are captivating; I get lost in the stories and the feel of it all.

Joseph recently released an album called Songs of Travel for the Vagabond. Here’s a look:

  1. Songs of Travel for the VagabondWinding Wheel
  2. American Crow (feat. Sandy Mack)
  3. Do Re Mi
  4. Procrastination
  5. The Continuation of D.B. Cooper
  6. Dude, Where’s My Whiskey? (feat. Kuf Knotz)
  7. Ballad of a Beauty Maker






This one is American Crow, featuring Sandy Mack:


Joseph Alton Miller is originally from New York, and now calls New Jersey home. He released his album Songs of Travel for the Vagabond on his own label, Worn Out Joke Records. You can purchase the album via his website.

Joseph Alton Miller

Joseph Alton Miller


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